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My Story

We mine, cut, polish, design and create unique opal and semi precious gemstone creations.

I first came up with my business idea out of pure boredom! I had moved to live in the opal fields with my partner after working 20 years in the finance industry. After 8 months of settling in to a whole new world I needed to get back into life. So I asked my partner to teach me how to cut and polish the opal (he is very patient) and after a few months, I began to make my first handbag charms. That is when the light bulb moment happened and I knew I could make my own business out of what I was learning. So I did and the ideas and designs grew from there.


What struck me about being creative is I knew I had found my HAPPY PLACE. A place where I can be lost in my own world even to the point that I dream of my new creations and I put these into building my brand and my business.  What I offer is different because I am a part of every step in my creations: finding of the opal, cutting, polishing, designing, creating, photography, website design, sales, packaging and posting... I AM MY OWN CREATION!

I truly believe my creations are unique and made with love so they look stunning on people and in their homes. I want others to say they have one of my pieces and wear it or use it with pride and tell others that they have one of my unique creations.  I love what I do. On the surface people see a happy go lucky opal miner... What I really do is create life long beautiful pieces for people and their future generations to love and appreciate.

From the Opal Fields for you to Enjoy!

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